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KINGSTON DC1500M 3,84TB U.2 PCIe NVMe Enterprise SSD

DataWorld item No.: SEDC1500M/3840G
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KINGSTON DC1500M 3,84TB U.2 PCIe NVMe Gen 3.0 x4 Enterprise SSD

Kingston DC1500M U.2 NVMe SSD features high-storage capacity and enhanced enterprise performance. It offers a high-performance Gen 3.0 x4 PCIe NVMe design to deliver latency and IOPS consistency. DC1500M is backed by strict QoS requirements to ensure predictable random IO performance as well as predictable latencies over a wide range of workloads.

The U.2 form factor design (2.5”, 15mm) works seamlessly with the latest-generation servers and storage arrays utilising PCIe and U.2 backplanes. DC1500M is hot pluggable, eliminating the challenges of serviceable PCIe storage.

It boasts enterprise-class features such as end-to-end data path protection, namespace management, power loss protection (PLP) and telemetry monitoring for increased data center reliability. Backed by Kingston’s legendary pre- and post-sales support and a five-year limited warranty. Capacities range from 960GB to 7.6TB.

The "mixed-use" workload drive makes it ideal for running a wide range of customer applications including:
- Virtualisation
- High-performance cloud service
- Web hosting caching
- High-resolution media capture and transport
- ERP, CRM, GL, OLAP, OLTP, ERM, BI and EDW workloads

Key Features
Data Center NVMe performance
Incredible I/O consistency with sustained speeds of up to 3GB/s and 510K IOPS.

Enterprise-class mixed-use storage
An exceptional balance of consistent I/O delivery with high read and write IOPS performance to manage a wide range of transactional workloads.

Reduce application latencies
Quality of Service (QoS) delivers ultra-low transactional latency for large data sets and various web-based applications.

On-board Power Loss Protection (PLP)
Enterprise-class protection to reduce the possibility of data loss or corruption on ungraceful power fails.

- Sequential read/write: 3.100/2.700MB/s
- Steady-state 4k read/write: 480.000/210.000 IOPS
- Form factor: U.2, 2,5” x 15mm

Warranty: 5 years