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SONNET DuoModo Dual-Module Desktop Enclosure

DataWorld item No.: DM-ENC-2M-D
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SONNET DuoModo Dual-Module Desktop Enclosure

DuoModo: Creative Modular Thunderbolt Expansion Systems for the Desktop and for Rack Installation

What is DuoModo?
The choice is yours. Mix and match enclosures with modules to create your own custom Thunderbolt expansion system.

Modular Design
Whether you need to connect PCIe cards or a GPU to your computer without card slots, or want to mount a Mac mini® in a desktop or rackmount enclosure with port and storage expansion, Sonnet’s DuoModo™ line of mix and match Thunderbolt™ expansion modules and enclosures enables you to create your dream setup! 

Flexible Configurations
Configuration is simple – pick an enclosure, and then choose the modules that best suit your workflow needs. For those who want quick and easy setups, Sonnet provides common pre-configured systems to help take the guess work out of configuration options.

Plenty of Possibilities…

  • Customize configurations to best suit your workflow

  • Install a powerful Mac mini® computer in one module and three PCIe cards in another, and mount them all into a compact desktop or 2U rackmount enclosure

  • Install a Mac mini module plus an eGPU card module into a desktop or 2U rackmount enclosure

  • Connect a three PCIe card slot module plus an eGPU card module to your computer in either a rackmount or desktop configuration and combine with a Sonnet RackMac™ mini

  • Configure a dual-eGPU module setup to optimize performance for creating 3D animations, rendering projects, and more 

Dual-Module Desktop Enclosure

The Dual-Module Desktop Enclosure enables the interchangeable expansion of two DuoModo™ Expansion Modules.

  • Dual-Module Desktop Enclosure

  • Rugged Aluminum Housing

  • (WxDxH) (17.4. x 42.2 x 23.2 cm)

  • Weight: 1,75kg

Complete Your Enclosure

Add Your Choice of DuoModo Modules:

  • xMac mini Module (Mac mini® Mounting Module + Thunderbolt™ SSD Storage Dock)

  • eGPU Module (Thunderbolt to eGPU Card Expansion Module)

  • Echo III Module (3-slot Thunderbolt to PCIe Card Expansion Module)

  • Popular Pre-configured DuoModo Systems (Enclosures with Pre-installed Modules) also Available

2-year Product Warranty